Ezines, Galleries and Awards for “Giants in the Earth” series

This month my “Giants in the Earth” series was the cover story for an online magazine about photography called Shadow and Light Magazine.

Blue Boy Photo Encaustic
Blue Boy Photo Encaustic

Friend and fantastic photographer Tim Anderson puts out this very good magazine about photography. He had to be convinced to do an issue on encaustic but it seems he came away with more understanding and respect for the medium. The editor, Helen Garber, wrote about how much she loves leaving Photoshop behind and making images with her hands, images that can be touched, smell like honey and allow us to incorporate sculptural elements. For me, making images outside in my quonset hut is a day well spent, lost in the movement of wax, wind and flame.

That story was also featured in Spring/Summer edition of Encaustizine, a digital magazine of the International Encaustic Organization.

The story of the photo encaustic series "Giants in the Earth."
The story of the photo encaustic series “Giants in the Earth.”

This is a great ezine for learning about the encaustic work of some of the most exciting artists working in the field. I scour this magazine to learn all I can or to just get inspired.

And while we are on the subject of my “Giants in the Earth.” I just found out I was a runner up in the 10th edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers in the Fine Art Series category with my images of the encaustic works. This international competition was “ established to honor those women behind the lens that fought to build a more inclusive and gender-equal society.”

Almost 5,000 images from 57 countries were received this year so I felt incredibly honored to be in the top ten for a fine art series. The images can be viewed in gallery five of the Gala Awards at:

The Gala Awards

All of this fanfare is really miraculous for this series which was a true labor of love on my part. I worked for the better part of a year on these 12 images both in Photoshop and in Encaustic and oils. I approached four or five galleries and while I was told that they were powerful, galleries did not want to handle them. I’m not sure of the reasons, they just didn’t think they would sell. I joined a collective gallery so I could show these and have gotten really great feedback. And I’ve sold two of them to people who said they fell in love. It just goes to show that the best road to success is to heed my motto :Follow the Dirt Road in Your Soul.

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